HeArts Inside and Out

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CROSSLENS, 15416 Saranac Road Cleveland, OH 44110, CLEVELAND

Welcome to HeArts Of Inside Out! Join us at Crosslens on June 22nd for and event that showcases not only aerial artists, but also poets and musicians. 💕The world tends to see us from the outside in as individuals. This event allows the audience to perceive the artists and the art displayed INSIDE OUT. 💕Through personally given bios from each artist prior to performances, the audience can understand the root to where the passion comes from behind each individual art form. 💕We believe that the “why” behind an art form is what makes it unique to the artist performing it. This event will truly allow for artists to showcase their art INSIDE OUT! 💕 There will be vendors on site (food, drinks, clothing and more), there will also be $1 raffles for prizes from our Sponsors!